Bottled Beers

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Alhambra Premium –

4.6% Blonde Light easy to drink lager,pairs well with fish,and light tapas

Alhambra Especial –

5.4% Bright golden colour rich tasting lager,yet smooth on the palate,goes well with with all types of grilled meats

Alhambra Negra –

5.4% Dark Reddish in colour, flavoured with caramel& a trace of liquorice for a unique mediterranean taste,ideal with red meats and strong flavours.

Alhambra Reserve 1925 –

6.4%  Golden amber & Intense flavoured lager pairs well with stew,lamb and strong cheeses.

Alhambra Reserve 1925 is the winner of “Worlds Best Standard Premium Lager” the Worlds Beer awards 2009.


Mayador –

4.5%  Refreshing Spanish Cider

Estrella Damm –

The Premium Beer of Barcelona,Light smooth & refreshing,pale in colour,with cereals & hop aromas that compliment it’s fruity flavour


Large Jugs of Sangria  –