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36% Soberano 5yr old reserve  –

A Full bodied sherry brandy ,yet smooth & gentle with succulent amber  tones

38% Carlos 12yr old gran reserve –

A unique example of quality,this brandy is fragrant yet delicate.

31% Licor 43 –

Made from Citrus and Fruit Juices flavoured with aromatic herbs and spices(43 in total).

Licor 43 has a sweet citrus taste & vanilla flavour served over ice or with your favourite mixer.

20% Schnapps –

Peach,Apple,hazelnut,served over ice or with your favourite mixer.

17% Crema Catalana –

Smooth & Sweet with a hint of cinnamon served over ice,or in a coffee

28% Ponche Osborne –

Blend of Brandy,Oranges,plums,raisins,&cinnamon,served over ice ,or in coffee

36% Anis del Mono –

Aniseed Liqueur served over ice to aid digestion after food.

25% Zoco Pacharon –

This sloe Liqueur is made from wild berries soaked in aniseed for 3 months,served over ice or as a shot

32% Paco Hierbas –

This Liqueur is made from more than 17 herbs ,served chilled ,best after a meal

Brandy & Liquers

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